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We create professional web solutions on-site and remotely in multilingual and multicultural business environments all over the world. Contact us for responsive web design and programming web apps for all devices with unique, high quality content that ranks well in the search engines (SEO).

  • Responsive websites and progressive web apps for US $100/year + $20/domain/year
  • Online booking and payment systems with custom-made, secure back-ends
  • Writing high quality, unique content for white hat search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • Converting WordPress blogs into secure, professional websites, and cleaning up hacked blogs
  • Recovering hijacked domains names and email accounts

Our websites are optimised for search engines, loading speed and maximum security, and they are error free. Here are some of our projects:

Setting up a blog and making a progressive web app for a Finnish consultation agency. The work included web design, graphic design, programming an online profit calculation with dynamic chart graphics, SEO (has the top #1 ranking in all western search engines), setting up Google MyBusiness, email configuration, domain name registration and hosting.

Progressive web app, responsive website, dynamic photo gallery and image submission system for an international photo festival.

A website with video and online booking system for a hostel. The work included web and graphic design, programming, configuring emails and setting up hosting, video filming and editing, photography, registering a domain name, SEO, copywriting and fixing social media profiles.

A website for a professional photographer and designer. The work included web design, programming, video filming and editing, setting up hosting and registering a domain name, SEO, email configuration, copywriting, and social media marketing (Facebook and Google MyBusiness).

Converting a WordPress blog to a professional website for a luxury resort and moving websites to another hosting. The work included fixing programming issues, video editing, SEO, and maintaining webservers.

Three websites for a hostel, travel agency and tour company with an online booking & payment system. The work included web design, programming, configuring and setting up online credit card payments using PayPal, SEO, video filming and editing for the website and for an advertising film, photography, setting up AirBnB accounts, copywriting, and social media marketing.

Three websites for a hostel, container venue, and a scooter rental company with an online booking & payment system. The work included web design, programming, graphic design, video filming and editing, photography, configuring and setting up online credit card payments using PayPal and wire transfer, SEO, copywriting, social media marketing, maintaining and monitoring web servers, and print works (maps and brochures).

Two websites for a chain of shared houses and an adjoin restaurant. The work included web design, programming an online booking and payment system, configuring and setting up online credit card payments using PayPal, video filming and editing, copywriting, photography, and SEO.

A website for a tour company with an online booking & payment system. The work included web design, programming, configuring and setting up online credit card payments using PayPal, SEO, video filming and editing for the website, photography, business development, recovering a hijacked domain name hosting.

Web Solutions with Free Consultation

We are based in Batumi, Georgia, and work both on-site and remotely. Please contact us and we will make you a detailed quotation based on your needs.

Prior to accepting a project, we offer free consultation 1) to make sure that hiring us is worthwhile for you and 2) to ensure we will exceed your expectations.

Päivi & Santeri Kannisto working for Sam in Kaohsiung, Taiwan

About Päivi & Santeri Kannisto

We are a married couple, born in Finland in 1970. Since 2004, we have lived and travelled in over 100 countries with laptops and a lightweight photography and film production equipment. On the way, we have built websites and online sales systems mostly for hotels and hostels from Japan to Costa Rica.

Together we write and speak fluently English, Spanish, French, and Finnish. We have created websites in English, Spanish, German, Russian, Finnish, Brazilian, Japanese, Chinese and Korean languages. You can read more about us and the books we have written from our author biographies.

Webdesigner, programmer and SEO expert Santeri Kannisto

Santeri studied software engineering in Tampere University of Technology and worked 13 years for his company SOT Finnish Software Engineering Ltd. SOT developed GNU/Linux OS platforms and had offices in Finland, Estonia, Russia, Sweden, and the United States. The company’s clientele included Nokia. SOT contributed to the global development effort of the free and open-source software.

Writer, content specialist and researcher Päivi Kannisto

Päivi got her first PhD in comparative literature and has worked as a journalist, PR manager, content manager of new mobile services for a Telco company, and as a management consultant. Her second PhD is in tourism studies. She has published in top-tier academic journals and written a monograph in English for Routledge.

Tools for testing your website

We have been working with websites since the dawn of the world wide web, when there were less than a million web pages in the whole world. Today there are more than a billion sites, 1000 times more than twenty years ago. Despite the huge growth, the underlying concepts and technologies remain the same. As people use the Internet increasingly with mobile devices and phones, loading speed and responsive design are becoming ever more essential. We have collected the following tools for you to make sure that your website works with mobile devices and ranks well in search engines.

Loading speed

If your website is too slow, you lose visitors.


Most of us are using mobile phones & devices.

Errors in html code

Errors create compatibility and usability issues.

Unique content

Search engines favor unique, high quality text.

Meta tags

With proper meta tags, you'll attract more traffic.

Facebook sharing

Websites are often shared in social media.